Aromatherapy (6 Florida CEU Hours Online)


This course defines and discusses how to treat patients using Scent Therapy.  Definition of Aromatherapy, History of Aromatherapy, Scientific Studies of Aromatherapy, Methods of Aromatherapy Applications, Benefits of Aromatherapy, Classifications of Essential Oils/Essences, Grades of Essential Oils, Frequency of Essential Oils, Rules of caution of Aromatherapy when using Essential Oils, Safety issues of Essential Oils, Questions to ask while using Essential Oils during your session; Guidelines for buying and caring for Essential Oils, and Example of what's included in a Aromatherapy Starter Kit. Retake the course as many times as needed.

Access: 30 days

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* Print or save your certificate of completion when you have completed all the content of the course and answered all the questions and scored 100%. You can retake the test as many times as needed to get 100%.