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Tampa, FL, September 30, 2016 - Massage School Owners, National Directors, Program Directors, Instructors, and Students


I think you would agree It Is a new day in Massage Therapy and in Massage Therapy education.  We have seen a number of massage therapy programs across the US face tough challenges to meet the needs of cost effective and efficient student training, requirements of national and state board accreditation and standards while providing the necessary platform, tools, and technology to both instructors and students to train and track accountability. Dated, manual, traditional methods of delivering training will no longer be the norm.  It is important to connect students with enabling training to accommodate multiple learning modes while providing tools for instructors to effectively support your students throughout the program with the mindset, day 1, to pass the MBLEx. 


Using Massage Prep is a great way to market to and recruit perspective students by offering the most comprehensive, interactive, and enabling training portal in the Massage Education industry. 


As the industry changes and evolve, so must the way schools deliver an adaptive, proven, and consistent training program.   Massage Prep has taken steps to meet needs of you, as an Administrator, Instructor, and student.


Let us show how we can support you and your students by providing training and curriculum support services using the Massage Prep training portal and other affiliated partners by:

  1. Providing your students and instructors Massage Therapy training & exam prep platform complementing your curriculum to instruct and prepare in and outside the classroom available anytime, anyplace. Training and exam prep questions created by educators and LMTs across the US.
  2. Preparing your students for challenging and passing their licensure exam (MBLEx) the first time.
  3. Extending access for instructors and students to new training content in Advanced Training, 22 Massage Modality subjects along with exam questions in Effective Massage Therapy Assessment techniques.
  4. Providing program directors and instructors a means to track progress and scores while assessing your students understanding of Massage Therapy training and the industry.New reporting capabilities have been added.
  5. Supporting your graduating student alumni network and students with an Advancing Education platform, Practice Management tools, and Liability Insurance coverage.


Massage Prep training & licensure exam prep platform


Massage Prep is comprehensive designed and developed by over 20 massage therapy subject matter and test & assessment experts with the aim of preparing students for the world of massage therapy with a special focus of preparing students for todays’ challenging licensing exam. 

Schools across the US use a number of books and resources, upwards to 6+ books and even more, to train students.  These books and other resources are not cheap, and not only that, they are not designed or aligned to prepare your students for the MBLEx.  Massage Prep does BOTH thus allowing you to delivery training efficiently and cost-effectively by eliminating books that overlap or that are not needed.


Advanced Training with Massage Prep's Massage Modalities


Applications of Hydrotherapy
Ayurveda - Head and Face Massage Techniques Part I
Ayurveda - Head and Face Massage Techniques Part II
Ayurveda - Neck Massage Techniques
Five Elements and Chakras
Introduction to Ayurveda
Introduction to Hydrotherapy
Massage and Cancer
Muscle Energy Techniques

Sports Massage Procedures - Ankle and Foot Strains
Sports Massage Procedures - Hamstring Strains
Sports Massage Procedures - Leg and Knee Strain
Sports Massage Procedures - Quadriceps Strain
Sports Massage Procedures - Rotator Cuff Strain
Sports Massage Procedures - Shoulder and Back Strain
Sports Massage Procedures - Tennis Elbow and Arm Strain
Sports Massage Techniques - Neck Strain
Terminology of Ayurveda
Therapeutic Massage Techniques for Hospital Clients
Therapeutic Massage to Clients with Emotional Needs


Hot of the Presses 


We’ve recently released new MBLEx-simulated exams based randomizing a collective group of questions. Instructors and students now have more exam prep questions to reinforce their learning and MBLEx preparation.  Passing the exam the first time! 

Based on feedback from schools and students, we have also created a new set of exam prep questions that cover Massage Therapy Client and Practice Assessments.