Florida 24 Hours CEU Renewal Licensure Package - Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This course defines and discusses the lymphatic system in the human body and the major lymph nodes in the neck and face. It will also depict an overview of the history of lymphatic system and its founders. You will learn when to provide lymphatic drainage technique, and indications of lymphatic drainage techniques, contraindications of lymphatic drainage, definition of lymphoma. How to perform compression therapy and lymphatic drainage of the following body regions: lower extremities, upper extremities, arm. Axillary regions, back, foot and ankle, knee, leg, sternum, wrist and hand, and abdominal region.

Florida 24 Hours CEU Renewal License Package includes:

  • 12 Hours (onsite education) Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • 2 Hours (online) Florida Laws and Rules
  • 2 Hours (online) Prevention of Medical Errors
  • 2 Hours (online) Massage Ethics
  • 5 Hours (online) Medical Terminology.

* Print or save your certificate of completion when you have completed all the content of the course and answered all the questions and scored 100%. You can retake the test as many times as needed to get 100%.