Course Item:
Florida 24 Hours CEU Renewal Licensure Package Onsite AYURVEDA 

AS REQUIRED BY STATE OF FLORIDA 1 hour of Human Trafficking (1time requirement due by 1-1-21) will be included for free when taking this course. License Expiration Date: 08/31/2021, RENEWAL CYCLE 2 YEARS.

Online (CE Broker Tracking Code) #20--609071
Florida CEU Broker Provider License Number: [50-12266]  

The Ayurveda course defines, discusses, and illustrates how to apply the five elements and chakras in your everyday
application of massage therapy.  It discusses terminology of Ayurveda and illustrates head and face massage techniques.
Florida 24 Hours CEU Renewal License Package includes:

•    12 Hours (live education) Ayurveda
•    2 Hours (online) Florida Laws and Rules
•    2 Hours (online) Prevention of Medical Errors
    2 Hours (online) Massage Ethics
•    6 Hours (online) Cells and Tissues of the Body

*Print or save your certificate of completion when you have completed all the content of the course and answered all the questions and
scored 100%. You can retake the test as many times as needed to get 100%


Course Duration/Price
Total: 24 Hours (Onsite and Online)
Access Time: 30 days
Price: $ 200.00 

Dates and Time:
October 17, 2020, Florida 24 Hours CEU Renewal Licensure Package Onsite - Ayurveda (8am-7pm) 1 Hour Break


Florida 24 Hours CEU Renewal Licensure Package Onsite AYURVEDA 

Tampa Location:

3220 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, Florida 33609

*Bring your Own Table, Sheets, and Massage Lotion

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Marie Anthony (813-810-3615)