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Searching for MBLEx Sample Questions?

Monday, November 14th, 2011

MBLEx Sample QuestionsAre you searching for MBLEx sample questionsMassage Prep can help!  One of the best ways to study for this comprehension massage exam is to review MBLEx sample questions.  Massage Prep is the premier online massage exam study program with over 2000 test questions and dozens of study guides and simulation exams.  Massage Prep is so powerful, they even guarantee that you will pass the MBLEx or your money back.

The Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) is created by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards.  This organization focuses on the health of the public and ensure massage therapists who pass the MBLEx are qualified and competent to practice massage therapy.  The FSMTB also helps currently licensed massage therapists maintain their credentials by providing continuing education opportunities.

The first thing to understand, before reviewing any MBLEx sample questions, is to understand where the questions are coming from.  The MBLEx, like all other licensing exams, is based on a content outline created by a team of experts in the field.  The topics that the MBLEx covers are Anatomy and  Physiology;  Kinesiology; Pathology, Contraindications, Areas of Caution, and Special Populations; Benefits and Phsyological Effects of Techniques that Manipulate Soft Tissue; Client Assessment, Reassessment, and Treatment Planning; Overview of Massage and Bodywork History, Culture, and Modalities; Ethics, Boundaries, Laws, and Regulations; and Guidelines for Professional Practice.

Now for some actual MBLEx sample questions:

1.       Which of the following is the most widely distributed connective tissue in the body?

a.      Aerolar
b.      Adipose
c.      Reticular
d.      Epithelium

2.       In which part of the skin can you find hair follicles?

a.      Epidermis
b.      Dermis
c.      Tendons
d.      Superficial fascia layer

3.       What does cold mitten friction do?

a.      Increase antibody production
b.      Stimulates circulation and metabolism
c.      Increases white blood cells activity
d.      All of the above

4.       What is considered the most important precaution in controlling the spread of microorganisms?

a.       Isolating the source of microorganisms
b.       Sanitizing all surfaces
c.       Spraying the treatment area with antibacterial agents
d.       Hand washing

5.       In what direction do you perform Swedish massage?

a.      From proximal to distal in centripetal direction
b.      From distal to proximal in centripetal direction
c.      From proximal to distal in centrifugal direction
d.      From distal to proximal in centrifugal direction

Here are the answers:

  1. A. Aerolar tissue is the most widely distributed connective tissue in the body.
  2. D. Dermis is the layer of the skin where hair follicles are found.
  3. D. All of the above are attributes of cold mitten friction.
  4. D. Hand washing is the important precaution in controlling the spread of microorganisms.
  5. B. From distal to proximal in centripetal direction is the way Swedish massage is performed.

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