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From time to time, we receive questions wondering how Massage Prep keeps up with everything for our study guide users from retaining results to remembering where they were when they left off.  Massage Prep uses a Learning Management System or LMS which is an industry standard term for an online program that administers content like e-learning courses, tracks results and provides reports among other things.  This LMS is behind everything you see and do on Massage Prep. but it can be used for any type of online learning from study guides to academic courses.  Instead of giving users a bunch of questions and answers, an LMS allows us to track the progress of each user and provide feedback instantly when the wrong answer is given.

Massage Prep has over 2,200 questions to help individuals prepare for their Massage Therapy Exam such as the MBLEx or NCETMB. It allows individuals to review everything they learned in the classroom while sitting at their home computer. The LMS allows allows us to provide hundreds of practice questions and free samples tests for those who aren’t sure if Massage Prep is right for them.

An LMS is usually the answer when a complex course material like the massage therapy study guide needs to be presented in a way the doesn’t confuse the learner. An online learning system can be the answer because it involves guided tutorials with muscle pictures and definitions. It also provides  muscle simulations and skeletal tutorials.  A good LMS like the one behind Massage Prep allows it to be available for any price range and time frame needed by the learner.

The Massage Prep study guide involves many questions on anatomy, physiology and detailed information on all subjects in which there are questions on the Massage Therapy Exam.  Best of all, the simulated final exam gives you the full experience of taking the actual MBLEx or NCETMB exam while the clock ticks away to prepare you for that pressure..

Everything you need to prepare for the Massage Therapy exam is available and the LMS guides you through each course, tracks your progress, provides feedback, and let’s you know when you’re ready for the Massage Therapy test by the scores you achieve in practice.  The material that is covered by the MBLEx. NCETMB and NCETM exams is quite extensive, and a student can use the extra time and information to help them prepare for the exam and also to feel confident when going to take the Massage Therapy test.

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